Why Is My iPhone So Hot?

May 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered why is your iPhone so hot?

You probably wondered if that there is any issue with the quality and if it will explode.

Good new! It is normal for the iPhone to be hot. The same issue happens to my iPhone:)

Let me share with us why iPhone becomes hot!

Similar to computer, iPhone has a CPU ( Central Processing Unit ). When the graphic card and progressor is running on the battery, heat will be produced. Unlike computer, iPhone does not have fans to help with ventilation. Instead it can only dissipate heat through conduction and radiation.

When the iPhone is running on multiple applications, this causes the processor to be overclocked and as a result, the head produced by the CPU is faster than the heat gets conducted away. This causes the overall temperature of the phone to rise. In some case, to prevent overheating, the phone might shut down. Below are some of the reasons why the iPhone gets hot.

  1. Applications such as 3D gaming, HD movies causes the CPU to be overclocked.

  1. Using the iPhone while charging. This not only will reducing the efficiency of charging but also damage the battery
  2. Faulty applications. Some applications might have bugs or patch issues that keep restarting on its own
  3. Thick protective casings. Most casing are made of plastic or PVC which are poor conductors of heat.

  1. Faulty battery. When battery reaches the end of the life cycle, it will have difficulty holding charges. The internal components are no longer efficient at storing the charges. This would be a good time to change the battery.

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