Upgrade iPhone Memory

May 5, 2017

Every iPhone is crammed full of music, photos, apps, and data (to say nothing of videos, ebooks and audiobooks, and other content), and all of that material can take up a lot of storage space. Even with iPhones that offer 128GB of storage, it's not hard to imagine running out of memory. With no slot for an extra microSD card, data shortage is certain to happen. 

Do you feel frustrated when you have to delete some of the precious photos, music and videos in order to free up the space? 

As iPhone users, we get the same kind of frustration when the phone is working perfectly fine but run out of memory.

Now the best solution which won't burn a hole in your wallet!

We increase your iPhone memory!

Yes we can add memory by installing a new hard disk that expands your memory up to 256GB* 

After hard disk replacement, not only your phone has bigger memory, but the latest harddisk also allow you to write in information faster!

Check out our prices now!

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